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With the artist Dan Ben-Arye

12-13 February 2017 Young Judaea Israel Two Days Visit to Ein Hod


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Special thanks for Ein Hod artists' which took part in making this event-
Naomi Verchovsky, Ossi Rioux, Iris Samra, Nofar Ben-Arye and Lea Ben-Arye

Participant's impressions:
Not Just Any Quiet Village
Where else can one go door to door, learning a new form of art from at least one resident of every single household? Where else can every public sculpture adorning the roadside be traced back to a member of the community? Ein Hod seems to me a remarkable village, home to many of Israel's most skilled creators.
Ari Rotenberg
Houston, Texas

Ein Hod has been lovely! A unique and beautiful artist's community filled with friendly and welcoming people. I've loved seeing the art, talking to the artists, and participating in the workshops to even make some art myself. Thank you for a wonderful two days!
Yael Bloom
Millburn, New Jersey

More Than It Seems
My visit to Ein Hod has been absolutely incredible. This village is filled with many talented and wonderful people. The beauty of this quiet place is shown through the many works of art displayed throughout the community. I'm so thankful to have been able to come here. I truly enjoyed my stay and the opportunity to work with such amazing artists.
Sydney Schneider
Chevy Chase, Maryland

A Different Dimension
This place is so in tune with nature. A  lovely woman named Ossi welcomed us into her home and totally captured the vibe that Ein Hod Artist Village gives by her free-spiritedness and love for art. (She made some of her own chairs we sat on!) She is a fashion designer for mainly hats, but her creativity shows in all aspects of her. She rocks sweatpants, warm sweaters, and crazy curly/wavy hair. Discovered things about her, like how she loves to hike and sail (makes sense now) and she plans on going out into the waters today even. We ate pecans by the fireplace while orchestral music played in the background, and her dog begged for attention all the while. I love this place and I'd be so grateful to come back one day and stay over at her cozy lodge again and maybe go sailing too.
Sophia Friedman
St. Petersburg, Florida


From Dan Ben-Arye clouds series

Dan Ben-Arye

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Jewelry By Lea Ben-Arye

Lea Ben-Arye

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