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Ecosfera in Hebrew


Passover 2009 in Ein Hod
April 9-15
Galleries and artists studios are open around the village.

Entrance to the village of Ein Hod Artists - Free
There is a fee for entrance to Museums and Art Workshops.

Museum Janco Dada. Permanent exhibition of Marcel Janco and Contemporary art. Number 2 on the map
Nisco Museum of Musical Instruments. An experience for the whole family. 052-4755313 Number 12 on the map
Japanese Experience - dates - 10- 14 at 11:30 by appointment 04-9843048, 050-7548009 Number 58 on the map
Glass Blowing – explanation and demo - for the whole family. By appointment - 04-9841105 Number 26 on the map
At Gertrude Kraus House – Ecological Films, free Number 4 on the map
House of Culture - display works of pottery by Tal Shahar Number 5 on the map
A spot for alternative treatments for visitors - Art & Wear Gallery Number 13 on the map
Booths throughout the village of artists and designers
"For God's Sake" an exhibition by Nadav Bloch & Nechama Levendel at Bloch-Levendel Gallery 054-4546530 Number 37 on the map
Art Bar: ÄnaLia ceramic masks painting workshop. Number 15 on the map

Workshops for children and adults
Mabdada Museum Janco Dada. 04-9541656 Number 2 on the map
Painting on Ceramics - Magal. 04-9842313 Number 25 on the map
Pottery - Vercovsky, and a second hand bookstore - 04-9841107 Number 33 on the map
Mosaic - Alon Yarkoni - 054-5614428
Intuitive Painting and food - Iris Smra - 050-6580534 Number 43 on the map
Photography Workshop - Vivian Roy. A selection of options, by appointment - 04-9541673 Number 29 on the map
Weaving and dolls workshop Number 15 on the map

Restaurant Donia Rosa - Argentine kitchen - 04-9543777 Number 3 on the map
Abu Yaacov Restaurant - 04-9843377 Number 7 on the map
Ein Hod Coffee - Kosher food for Passover - 077-3241052 Number 6 on the map
Art Bar - Beer and Music - concerts every day from April 9th to April 16th from 12:30 to 14:00 and from April 12th to April 15th, also from 15:00 to 16:30. - 052-8362498 Number 15 on the map

Golden Calf Festival at - 15.4.2009 18:00

ECOSFERA - Art & Environment  
The Israeli national event for sustainability

Ein Hod Artists' Village at Ein Hod Olive Grove & Village Center
12-14 April 2009


During the last several years the awareness of the need for changing our attitude toward the environment has moved from small marginal activist organizations to the mainstream – including discussion within economic and governmental establishments. In Israel the majority of the public lacks real awareness and knowledge of the issue and of the ways to act in response to it. The Hebrew term for sustainability - "kayamut" -- is not even known to the public. The meaning of sustainability -- "a way to live without limiting the ability of future generations to fulfill their needs" - signifies for us a real understanding of our current situation and the search for solutions to contend with it.. It is clear that only real public awareness can lead to a real change. 
We wish to promote a change in the general awareness of the public and to connect people with a sustainable way of living.

Vision and Essence 

Ecosfera, that will take take place in 12-14 April 2009, is Israel’s first national ecological event. This initiative  has a great educational value, aiming as it does to present to the Israeli public knowledge, values and actions which promote the principles of sustainability and ecological thinking.  The whole space of the happening is designed as an integration of ecological content, experiences, arts and enjoyment within nature.
Ecosfeara was born out of a sense of responsibility to our children and for the children and their parents.

Each family participating in the festival will spend their time walking through beautiful nature routes in the Carmel National Park, in the region bordering Ein Hod. The event includes a variety of activities which demonstrate different aspects of sustainable/ ecological issues. We use interactive workshops, art, an exhibition, entertainers and speakers who are committed to positive environmental change. This unique event brings together the leading local environmental authorities, organizations, and businesses that collaborate to offer a full day of programs for the Israeli family’s enjoyment and education. Through the 5 days of activity and a national media campaign we believe we can create a great impact on the public.

Art and Environment

The entire area of the festival is located in the only biosphere reservation in Israel (1 of 500 in the world, as designated by Unesco).  Ecosfera will be a leading experience by its new contents: 
- The first environmental/ecological art exhibition in Israel.
- Interactive and theatrical green activities for the whole family   in cooperation with the local green Organizations. 
- sustainable design bazar.

One main goal of Ecosphere is to establish the first environmental/ecological art exhibition in Israel, one that hopefully will become international. Ein Hod, as the only artist village in Israel, is the most suitable place for presenting such a concept. In the past, Ein Hod's old olive grove was the site of a very successful Biennale for sculpture. We intend to renew this tradition with a new updated concept. 


-The Hof Hacarmel Regional Council
- The israeli national lottery
-The ministry for environmental protection.
- The Israel Nature and National Park Protection Authority
- Keren Kayemet Le Israel - Jewish National Fund
- The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel
- most of the local green NGO's 
- Hof Hacarmel local community.